Recap on Chicago: A Strong Start of 2018 InnoSTARS – 2018 InnoSTARS

Recap on Chicago: A Strong Start of 2018 InnoSTARS

The first competition of the 2018 InnoSTARS preliminaries was held in Chicago on March 12th. Co-organized by US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA), Mandarin Environment and Venue Partner Polsinelli, the day-long event included 10 minute pitches from each company with 5 minutes of Q&A, a panel discussion on clean tech investment trends, and multiple networking breaks.

Competing companies included 17 technology companies with solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and wastewater. Companies were scored by 14 judges for China ‘readiness’. The judges consists of experts in the related industries or with experience in high-tech investment between China and the United States.

Voice from participants

” InnoSTARS represented an effective way to engage potential investors, companies and partners in China. The Clean tech Investment Panel was also valuable. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to attending future InnoSTARS events.” —— John Wagner, Diamonox.

” InnoSTARS was an excellent networking opportunity, would highly recommend for any business operating within the clean-tech space. The event was a big success in my opinion and very well organized.” —— Brad Mugler, The Mackinac Technology Company.

” InnoSTARS was a fast-paced event with valuable feedback for early stage companies looking for an accelerated path to China’s market.” —— Kobe Nagar, SuperCrit.

” The InnoSTARS judges were very engaged and knowledgeable, and gave valuable feedback for any company considering the Chinese market.” —— BJ Johnson, ClearFlame.

” Thanks to InnoSTARS for having us in the competition. It was very well organized and I enjoyed listening to the other presenters and the panel. I thought the judges were top quality and asked some great questions of each presenter.” —— Keith Gibson, C6 Combustion Technologies.

” Having the opportunity to present our company to such a diverse and knowledgeable field of judges was a privilege. The event was excellent…well organized, relaxed and a pleasure to attend. We look forward to any future involvement with InnoSTARS.” —— George Sullivan, NetZero Analysis.


We would like to thank all of our judges, co-organizer and partners in Chicago.

Judge listDick Co, Jonathan Egan, Sharon Feng, Mengmeng Fu, Shawn He, Jim Hurd, Ken Lai, Laura Rice, Christine Richardson, Jerry Strub, Alexander Tang, Shih-Perng Tsai, Michael Warady, May Wu, David Chen, Lyndsey Zhang, Yang Wang, Baiyun Gong, Yanjiao Xie, Tony Zhang, Tao Li, Zuotao Zeng, Shenshen Li.

The Chicago preliminary marked a strong start of InnoSTARS, following preliminaries in other cities are right around the corner waiting for you:

  • Denver Pitch Date: April 27; Application Deadline: April 17
  • Houston Pitch Date: May 14; Application Deadline: May 4
  • Atlanta Pitch Date: May 16; Application Deadline: May 6
  • San Francisco Pitch Date: May 21; Application Deadline: May 11
  • Boston Pitch Date: July 17; Application Deadline: July 7

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