2018 InnoSTARS Boston Recap – 2018 InnoSTARS

2018 InnoSTARS Boston Recap

In collaboration with OCS and Cubic Boston, InnoSTARS Boston preliminary competition was successfully completed yesterday, offering an opportunity for 19 pre-selected technology companies to present their innovations and readiness for the China market.

The competing companies presented innovations spanning a broad range of industries, including: Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare and Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, Renewable Energy and New Materials, Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality. Each technology company made 9-minute presentations, which were scored by judges on factors including technology, market potential, team, financials, exit opportunity and presentation. The seven companies that secured invitations to the 2018 semi-finals in China this autumn are: Vapore, LLCSoteria Battery Innovation GroupQ Hydrogen Solutions CorporationPhDSoft Technology IncAnCattRho Renewables, Inc and H2-1.com.

InnoSTARS Boston judges included: Jason Wen, Joyce Zhang, Shawn He, Daniel Harris, Tina Adolfsson, Raza Shaikh, Andy Korhonen, Boris Umylyn, Tony Tian, Tian Hua, Pei Qi, Hao He and Lili Li

What to expect next?

Seattle Preliminary will be held in VestLink Incubation Center (5808 Lake Washington Blvd NE 401, Kirkland, WA 98033) on July 27. 23 outstanding companies from nearly 50 applicants in six industries of focus got promoted to onsite pitch and will compete for the trip to China. 

If you miss previous onsite preliminaries, we are offering online pitch for you!

Online pitch date: August 8 Application deadline: August 1

Industry of focus: all six industries, especially Advanced Manufacturing

For more details, please go to: http://uschinainnovation.org/innostars2018/online-pitch/

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