About InnoSTARS Competition

The 2018 InnoSTARS Competition is a platform that connects U.S.-based innovators and companies with Chinese investors, corporations, and strategic partners. China is a growing powerhouse of the world economy, with a huge consumer market of its own and a rapidly rising scientific and technological base. This thriving innovative and technological community has become one of the driving forces for China’s unprecedented advances in science and technology. There is a strong interest between companies and investors on either side of the Pacific to engage in business with each other and in turn bring innovative products and services to the market. However, limited information on consumer demand and market opportunities, fragmented investment resources, and challenging language and cultural barriers can make the cross-border process complex and difficult. InnoSTARS is here to help overcome these obstacles.

The goal of the competition is to provide US-based innovative technology companies with resources to enter the Chinese market. This competition, hosted by the US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) and China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST). It provides U.S.-based innovators and companies with a better understanding of the opportunities available to them in doing business with China and Chinese partners and investors. Join InnoSTARS to gain unique access to leading resources in China.


InnoSTARS is the one and only innovation competition officially supported by the governments of United States of America and of People’s Republic of China. In 2017, The InnoSTARS Competition was featured in the scientific and technology cooperative area at the first U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue (SCD), co-chaired by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong.

19 most dynamic cities in China, characterized by innovation and technology, will be involved in the InnoSTARS competition as roadshow, semi-final and grand finale locations. Contestants can travel to 19 of the most dynamic cities in China, selected for their established innovative and technological climate, will host contestants.

Winning U.S. companies will be able to showcase their business in targeted cities and have one-on-one matchmaking meeting with Chinese leading investors, partners, and industry executives that are hand-picked to fit your needs and purposes.

Policy integration and consultation: Get updates on current and pending local legislation, and regulatory and policy development issues. Learn and receive recommendations to expand your startup and develop your innovation for the Chinese marketplace.

Industries of Focus

      Healthcare and Biotechnology  

  •       Next Generation Sequencing
  •       Pharmaceuticals
  •       Medical Device
  •       Digital Health
  •       Genomics
  •       Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment
  •       Precision Medicine
  •       Cell Therapy
  •       Tumor Drug Development
  •       New Vaccines
  •       PCR Technology and Diagnostic Reagents
  •       Biochip

        Advanced Manufacturing

  •       Automatic Transportation
  •       3D Printing
  •       Next Generation Materials Technology
  •       Computer-Aided Design Software
  •       Robotics
  •       Autonomous Vehicle
  •       Additive Manufacturing

        Environmental Technology

  •       Energy Recycling
  •       Eco-protection
  •       Water & Wastewater Treatment
  •       Recycling & Waste
  •       Air Emissions Control
  •       Soil & Water Pollution Treatment

Information and Communication Technology

  •       Smart Cities
  •       Industrial IoT
  •       Connected Health
  •       Smart Homes
  •       Connected Cars
  •       Wearables
  •       Smart Utilities
  •       Communications Equipment
  •       Internet Software & Services
  •       Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals
  •       Fintech
  •       Edtech
  •       Big Data
  •       Cloud Storage

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality

  •       Digital Assistants
  •       Neurocomputers
  •       Embedded Systems
  •       Expert Systems
  •       AR/VR Hardware
  •       AR/VR Content
  •       AR/VR Data
  •       AR/VR Commerce
  •       Enterprise AR/VR

       Renewable Energy and New Materials

  •       Energy Storage Technology
  •       Unconventional Oil & Gas Exploration
  •       Metal/Metal Alloy
  •       Carbon Materials/Carbon Fiber
  •       Composites
  •       Energy Efficiency Improvement
  •       Smart Grid & Energy Storage
  •       Solar Energy
  •       Biomass Energy
  •       Hydro & Wind Energy
  •       Membrane Materials
  •       Polymer Materials
  •       Photoelectric Materials

Key Dates and Awards

Application Deadline

Application deadline varies by divisions. For more details, pleaseclick HERE to visit each division page.


Online application. Submit your application with EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and PITCH DECK.


1. Chicago: March 12, 2018
2. Denver: April 27, 2018
3. Houston: May 14, 2018
4. Atlanta: May 16, 2018
5. San Francisco: May 18, 2018
6. Boston: July 17, 2018
7. Seattle: July 27, 2018
8. Online Pitch Session: August 8, 2018


1. Chicago: 150 North Riverside Plaza
2. Denver: The Commons on Champa
3. Houston: The Westin Houston, Memorial City
4. Atlanta: The Metropolitan Club
5. San Francisco: Runway Suite 488
6. Boston: Venture Cafe Havana, 1 Broadway
7. Seattle: VestLink Incubation Center: 5808 Lake Washington Blvd NE 401, Kirkland, WA 98033
8. Online Pitch Session: Online


Pitch (Presentation + Q&A)

All applicants qualified for the Preliminary Stage will be asked to provide a presentation deck they would like to use on the day of the event.

Awards for Winners

  1. Participate in roadshow in China and meet potential partners and investors
  2. All-expense-paid trip from any U.S. city to China, including: round-trip flights, accommodations for up to 7 days in China.
  3. Tailored B2B matchmaking services to meet with at least 20 potential partners and investors across China
  4. Media coverage and promotion in China
  5. Potential funds and policy support from the local government


Industry Location Dates
Biomedical and Medical Devices  Suzhou 6/12 – 6/15
Advanced Manufacturing Nanjing, Beijing, Shenyang 9/17 – 9/21
Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao 9/26 – 9/28
Information and Communication Technology Beijing, Luoyang 10/7 – 10/10
Renewable Energy Beijing 11/4 – 11/5
New Materials Beijing, Xi’an 11/4 – 11/5
Environmental Technology TBD Nov
Healthcare and Biotechnology   Suzhou 11/4 -11/5


Pitch and roadshow in multiple cities in China

Awards for Winners

  1. Cash prizes and certificates
    • 1st prize: $10,000
    • 2nd prize: $5,000
    • 3rd prize: $2,000
  2. National media coverage and promotion
  3. Professional fundraising and partner finding services from hosts and potential funds and policy support from the local government


November 7, 2018


Suzhou, Jiangsu Province


Pitch and roadshow in multiple cities in China

Prizes for Winners

  1. Cash prizes and certificates
    • 1st prize: $50,000
    • 2nd prize: $20,000
    • 3rd prize: $10,000
  2. National media and live broadcast coverage and promotion
  3. Professional fundraising and partner finding services and strategic business consultation from hosts and potential funds and policy support from the local government

Application Requirements

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  1. The Applicant must be a representative of a registered U.S. company with innovative technologies or products that have been or can be commercialized.
  2. Application must feature a technology that falls under one or more of the focus industries.
  3. Products, technologies, patents, and control of IP or exclusive licensing rights must be owned by the Applicant, or his/her company, and must not have any potential or outstanding IP ownership disputes.
  4. The Applicant must have an interest to seek Chinese investment and/or explore the Chinese market.
  5. The Applicant is committed to continuing the development of products and technologies with the intent to further commercialize these assets in the foreseeable future.
  6. Revenue generation and profitability are preferred but not required.

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  1. Experts in the related industries, including:
    -Industry investment experts who are in charge of large domestic enterprises and have extensive knowledge of cross-border investment;

-Investment institutional experts who are in charge of Investment funds, investment companies or financial institutions with the fund larger than $15 Million;
-Other experts: Industrial professional experts, international cooperation experts.

  • Have experience in high-tech investment between China and the United States.



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