Dalian is located in the southern side of Liaodong Peninsula and the coast of Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. It backs to the central region of northeast China, and sits across the sea from Shandong Peninsula. It is an important economic, trade, port, industry and tourism city in China’s eastern coastal region.
The annual technology trade contract amount in Dalian hi-tech industry was 14 billion yuan the past year. There were 144 newly recognized hi-tech enterprises recorded by the country and 12 newly recognized technology-advanced service enterprises. The total of two kinds of technology enterprises reached 778, ranked first in the Northeast cities. Ganjingzi District was approved as national torch intelligent forming and processing complete equipment featured industrial base.
There are 5 national key labs and 4 engineering technology research centers in the city; 106 provincial key labs and 103 engineering technology research centers; 80 municipal key labs and 88 engineering technology research centers. There were 43 science and technology enterprise incubators, including 10 national incubators. 47 maker spaces were recorded, 26 spaces were recorded by national makerspace, and 13 science and technology entrepreneurs were employed as Chinese torch entrepreneurs officially.
In the next four years, Dalian will focus on self-creation and make full use of the talent foundation laid by software outsourcing, primarily developing both future industries, like Artificial Intelligence and ICT, and equipment manufacturing. In addition, Dalian plans to promote pilot-type industries, including fine chemical engineering, advanced equipment manufacturing, ship, oceaneering, clean energy, life health, modern agriculture, etc. It will further advance integrated circuit, new material, transportation, energy conservation and environment protection, culture and science integration, modern service and other fields.