1. To protect the rights of applicants, we strongly encourage all applicants to raise the awareness of intellectual property rights. In cases of IP violations to third parties, the Hosts reserve the rights to disqualify any team committing the violations. The Hosts are not responsible for any of the legal redress and have the rights to disqualify any applicant in case of such violations.

2. Applicants are fully responsible for any legal redress of participating in the Competition including, but not limited to, violation of third party patents, copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights etc. The Hosts reserve the right to disqualify applicants in cases of such violations and is not responsible for the legal redress.

3. The selection of the applicants to compete and the decision of the winners are at the sole discretion of the judges and the Hosts.

4. If a confirmed applicant for the Preliminary Stage drops out after May 8th, 2017 at 12:00pm CT for any reason, they will be ineligible to compete in the InnoSTARS Competition for two years.

5. The Hosts reserve the right to use any material prepared for the InnoSTARS in publicizing and promoting the event. The Hosts may use these materials in any printed materials or other medium that they may produce, including but are not limited to website, social media, and videotape.

6. The rules and prizes are subject to change at the discretion of the Hosts at any time. The Hosts reserve the right to interpret these rules according to its own judgement.