Hebei is the only province containing plateaus, mountains, hills, plains, lakes and coasts all together. It is the important grain production area, and according to a preliminary calculation, its GDP has steadily increased over the last several years. Some industries and products of its industrial production occupy an important position in China.
Hebei has rich mineral resources and energy. At present, 156 kinds of minerals have been found, with reserves of 125 kinds of minerals confirmed. The reserves of 39 kinds of these minerals rank in the top five among continental provinces, including oil and gas resources, geothermal resources, wind energy resources and solar energy resources etc. There are also rich water resources, with impressive environmental diversity, with a forest coverage rate of 26%. And in 2011, the planting area reached 286,400 hectares. Key river basin research has obtained new progress in water pollution prevention, with additional engineering progress, such as the Beijing-Tianjin sand source control and conversion of farmland to forests. Hebei Province obtained a group of generic technologies in the photovoltaic field, wind power, semiconductor lighting, biopharmacy and agriculture, and reached a number of key innovative outcomes, 50 of which won national scientific awards.
Design of Medical Devices Conference (DMD) will be held in Hebei Province in 2018. DMD Conference was launched by the University of Minnesota in 2001, aimed to strengthen the cooperation between the academic world and industry, facilitating medical device-related policies, research and education. Meanwhile, it also supports the University of Minnesota in medical device education. DMD is open to one of the most advanced medical device communities in the world, continually promoting industrial development through the extraordinary insight and leadership. Over the years, DMD has attracted over 12,000 attendees, 1,600 speakers and 900 poster hosts and over 750 abstracts and technical newsletters were published on ASME Journal of Medical Devices. DMD was first introduced into China in 2017. Designed for China’s development in medical device, DMD China will invite experts and set up the sessions related to device approval and clinical need. The event attracts world-class designers, research scholars, approving authorities, manufacturers and delegates of healthcare organizations and public management departments in medical devices to discuss cutting-edge design technologies, research and development, industrialization, patent protection, property-right transaction and industry regulation of medical devices, thus promoting the introduction of advanced medical device projects.

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