The 2018 InnoSTARS competition is a platform that connects U.S.-based technology companies with Chinese investors, corporates, and strategic partners. Organized by the US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) and China Science and Technology Exchange Center (CSTEC), supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the P.R. China (MOST), this competition aims to provide U.S.-based technology companies a better understanding of the market opportunities available in China.

How much time will companies have to present?

Companies will have 5 minutes to present and 3 minutes for Q&A.

Who will be in the audience?

InnoSTARS Preliminaries will have an audience including: corporates, early-stage technology executives, investors and investment advisors.

Why should companies compete?

Qualified preliminary winners will be extended an invitation to join the 2018 three-city China road-show to compete in the InnoSTARS Semi-finals, and potentially even the finals. The road-show will include introductions to Chinese environmental corporates, universities, regulators, and investors interested in U.S. innovation. Semi-finalists’ round-trip China airfare, hotels, and meals are covered by InnoSTARS, and winners receive cash prizes and media recognition.

How to apply for US China Innovation and Investment Summit?

Please click the link below for more information:


The Westin Houston, Memorial City: 945 Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77024

Industries of Focus

  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Renewable Energy and New Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality


May 14th
2018 InnoSTARS competition preliminary pitch session
  -Advanced Manufacturing
  -Environmental Technology
  -Healthcare and Biotechnology
  -Renewable Energy and New Materials
  -Information and Communication Technology
  -Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual reality
9:00AM-6:00PM B2B Matchmaking Meetings
9:00AM-6:00PM Exhibition
6:30PM-9:00PM Welcome Banquet
May 15th
2018 US China Innovation and Investment Summit Opening Ceremony
 9:00AM-18:00PM Exhibition
1:00PM-3:20PM B2B Matchmaking Meetings


John Robinson

Principal Consultant

Mandarin Environment

David Wilson

Chief Innovation Officer

Bechtel Corporation

Jerry Strub

Founder & CEO

Strategic Growth Consulting, Inc

Angelos Angelou

Founder & CEO

International Accelerator

Jayson Pankin

Co-founder, President & CEO

AutoHarvest Foundation

JP Giometti

Director, Strategy and R&D


Lyndsey Zhang

Managing Director

Lynra Synergy, LLC.

Lance Black

Medical Device Innovation Lead

Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute

Joan Koerber-Walker

President and CEO

Arizona BioIndustry Association

John Weatherspoon

IP Counsel

Immunophotonics Inc

Anna Jarman

Shell Ventures


Donald Kendall

Managing Director

Five Stone Capital, LP

Trevor Best


Syzygy Plasmonics Inc

Kemal Farid

Managing Director

BlueVine Ventures

Mushahid Khan

CEO & Board Member

APS Plastics & Manufacturing

Greg J. Micek


Houston Inventors Association

Rashmi Kilam

Managing Director

Bouin Capital LLC

Sunny Nadolsky



Richard Seline

Executive Director & Senior Advisor


David Boikess

Advisor, Coach & Investment Evaluator

International Accelerator

Helen Lou


Lamar University

Kannan Alpadi

Principal Scientist


Juliana Garaizar

Managing Director

Houston Angel Network

Lisa McDonald

Assistant Director

Austin Technology Incubator

Eva Yao


CrestoneStar Consulting

Connie L. Luthy

Product Strategist

Medical Product Innovation

Joe Steinberg


Gordon Pacific

Ying McGuire

Vice President

Technology Integration Group

Xi Fang

Software Engineer


Andy Goldstein

China Advisor

GreenWorld Capital

Jian Shao

Senior Director

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group

Jiuzhi Xue

Executive Director

Institute for Smart Liquid Crystals, JITRI

David Sun

Deputy Commissioner

Central BioCity

Hongbo Yang


Institute of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, JITRI

Jianjun Ge

Deputy Director

Institute of Biomaterials and Medical Devices, JITRI

Tong Li


Institute of Nano-Device and Nano-Material, JITRI

Feiyang Liu

Director of Operations

Institute of Novel Metals and Applied Technologies, JITRI

Lloyd Townley

Deputy Chief Engineer

Nanjing University Yixing Environmental Research Institute

Quanzhong Zhao


Shanghai Institution of Optics & Fine Machine, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ningzhong Bao

Distinguished Professor

Nanjing Tech University

Kevin Hong

Chairman & CEO

Arbor Lake Capital

Pengcheng Li


HUST-SUZHOU Institute for Brainsmatics

Feng Zhao

General Manager

Suzhou Bauhinia Investment Co., Ltd.

Shawn Shi