Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, is the political, economic, educational, and cultural center of the Yangtze River Delta.
Nanjing is an important industrial production base in China. Its areas of development include manufacturing, electronic information, petrochemicals, automotive manufacturing, steel, software, and smart power grids.
Of the four pillar industries in Nanjing, electronic information is the most prominent. In 2016, electronic output was worth 299.1 billion yuan and accounted for 23% of the city’s economy. This emerging industry has developed alongside the development of information and communication equipment, integrated circuits, and satellite applications in recent years. The electronic information industry has recently entered a stage of rapid development as companies like China (Nanjing) Liquid Crystal Valley, Future Network Valley (Wireless Valley), China Beidou Navigation Satellite (Nanjing) Industry Base have expanded. Recent construction of major projects such as National CENI Project, China ‘s Second-generation Satellite Navigation System Major Special Project (Jiangsu Special Project) have also contributed to the recent industry growth. With rising innovation, there have been 91 national and provincial enterprise technology centers as well as 91 national and provincial key laboratories in Nanjing, leading the similar cities in China by the end of 2016.

Industry of Focus

  • Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Environmental Technology
  • Renewable Energy and New Materials
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Augmented/Virtual Reality

Leading Enterprises