Who is UCIA?

The US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that promotes innovation through the exchange of ideas and collaboration between China and the U.S. We organize the annual US China Innovation and Investment Summit (UCIS) in Houston, which provides a unique opportunity for innovative technology startups to connect with investors, strategic partners, leading incubators/accelerators, and professional services firms from China. It is an excellent platform for technology companies to leverage significant resources from China to accelerate their growth and to expand their market potential. In 2017, we launched the InnoSTARS Competition, which allows growth-stage technology companies in five core industry areas to compete for the chance to win attendance to UCIS as well as an all-expenses paid Roadshow to China, where they will have an opportunity to showcase their business and products to a wide audience of qualified potential investors and relevant partners. The UCIA also organizes roadshows to bring innovative US technology companies to China for B2B matchmaking and provides other services to help U.S.-based companies connect with complimentary Chinese resources.

Our Mission

Connecting American Innovation with Chinese Market Resources

The two greatest powers in the world today are the US and China. The US has led the world over the past century as the undisputed center of global innovation and has built a service-oriented economy which plays host to the largest consumer market in the world. China, by contrast, has pursued a development path founded on a strong production base enjoying unprecedented economies of scale and a national savings rate that is the highest amongst large companies. An economic rebalancing is now taking place between these two global giants. American companies are now seeking new capital partners and new markets after the global economic slowdown has slowed domestic consumer spending. Chinese companies have seen shrinking output from their production base due to the same pull back by global consumers and so are now hoarding cash in lieu of investing in any further capital expenditures. Furthermore, many Chinese firms are now seeking to move up the value chain by introducing more advanced methods of production or more service-oriented business models. There is an historicopportunity to create win-win outcomes by combining American innovation with Chinese financial and market resources. UCIA is dedicated to making this potential a reality.



Charles Foster
Chairman at Foster LLP

Board of Directors

Ying McGuire
Vice President
Technology Integration Group
Seth Williams
Head of Asian Capital Markets at Aimbridge Hospitality
Chris Gillan
SVP of Capital Factory
Shautong Song
CEO of CUBIO Innovation Center
Xinxin Li
Co-founder of BD
Qing Liu
President of JITRI
Wensheng Wu
CEO of Great Wall Consulting Institute
John Zhang
General Secretary of ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network)
Hongxing Tan
CEO of Coway Technology Transfer LLC
Guocheng Wang
VP of Beijing University Science Park

Board of Advisors

Steve Papermaster
CEO, Nano Global Corporation, Former Member of National Science and Technology Councile
David Firestein
Founding Executive Director, University of Texas (Austin) China Public Policy Center at the LBJ School of Public Affairs
Angelos Angelou
Founder & Principal Executive Officer, AngelouEconomics
Founder & CEO, International Accelerator
Bruce Ge
Founder and Chairman of Talroo


Stella Liu
Chief Executive Officer
Haihai Duan
Executive Director
Hongyi Zhang
Program Director
InnoSTARS Advisory Services
Dan Qi
Program Director
Business Development & Summit Program Planning
Thea Liao
Director of Public Relations


Eva Yao
Qiuying Lai
Business Advisory Analyst
Douglas McNeil
Assistant to CEO
Marina Gonzalez
Program Assistant
Ke Wu
Program Coordinator
Yu Han
Program Coordinator
Feier Chen
Program Coordinator
Jiayi Sun
Program Coordinator
Diya Li
Marketing & Business Development Staff
Qing Liu