About InnoSTARS

There is a strong interest between companies and investors on either side of the Pacific to engage in business with each other and in turn bring innovative products and services to the market. However, limited information on consumer demand and market opportunities, fragmented investment resources, and challenging language and cultural barriers can make the cross-border process complex and difficult. InnoSTARS is here to help overcome these obstacles. The InnoSTARS Competition was launched in 2017 to help innovative US technology companies link up with Chinese resources, enter the Chinese market and connect U.S. innovative technologies and products to Chinese enterprises and institutions. InnoSTARS is not just another pitch competition, it is a China-readiness competition + coaching + community. By participating in InnoSTARS, U.S. entrepreneurs can gain valuable China-ready coaching from mentors, advisors and connections with other kindred spirits in the InnoSTARS community, as well as access to high-caliber Chinese talent, partners and investors. It is an excellent platform for technology companies to leverage significant resources from China to accelerate their growth and to expand their market potential.

Program Modules


Showcase your business to high-caliber strategic partners, investors and industry executives


Get matched with the right partners and investors; enjoy online/onsite matchmaking meetings that lead to deeper collaboration


Gain valuable coaching from experienced mentors and advisors to expand your business  


Join the InnoSTARS community to make connections with other kindred spirits and share experiences

Industries of Focus

Information and Digital Technology
Green Innovation
Healthcare (Biopharma, Medical Device, Digital Health and diagnosis)
Information and Communication Technology
Advanced Manufacturing​
Green Innovation (Energy, Materials, Environmental Technology )

Application Criteria

  • The Applicant must be a representative of a registered U.S. company with innovative technologies or products that have been or can be commercialized.
  • Products, technologies, patents, and control of IP or exclusive licensing rights must be owned by the Applicant, or his/her company, and must not have any potential or outstanding IP ownership disputes.
  • Revenue generation and profitability are preferred but not required.
  • Application must feature a technology that falls under one or more of the focus industries and is not controlled under U.S. Export Control laws.
  • The Applicant must have an interest to seek Chinese investment and/or explore the Chinese market.
  • The Applicant is committed to continuing the development of products and technologies with the intent to further commercialize these assets in the foreseeable future.

How to Apply

  • Register online with required information and document at this link: https://2020.innostars.org/register
  • Selected applicants will be invited to present at InnoSTARS Preliminaries in different U.S. cities.
  • Winners from Preliminaries will be invited to compete in industry finals in China on a sponsored trip in the fall of 2020.
  • The top 3 contestants from each industry final will compete in grand final in China.