Our Mission: Connecting American Innovation with Chinese Market Resources

The two greatest powers in the world today are the US and China. The US has led the world over the past century as the undisputed center of global innovation and has built a service-oriented economy which plays host to the largest consumer market in the world. China, by contrast, has pursued a development path founded on a strong production base enjoying unprecedented economies of scale and a national savings rate that is the highest amongst large companies. An economic rebalancing is now taking place between these two global giants. American companies are now seeking new capital partners and new markets after the global economic slowdown has slowed domestic consumer spending. Chinese companies have seen shrinking output from their production base due to the same pull back by global consumers and so are now hoarding cash in lieu of investing in any further capital expenditures. Furthermore, many Chinese firms are now seeking to move up the value chain by introducing more advanced methods of production or more service-oriented business models. There is an historic opportunity to create win-win outcomes by combining American innovation with Chinese financial and market resources. UCIA is dedicated to making this potential a reality.


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