PharmaJet – A commercial stage needle-free jet injection technology

Heather Potters is Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and Chief Business Development Officer of PharmaJet, a needle-free jet injection technology focused on immunizations. Having spent more than a decade to develop the company, PharmaJet currently enjoys 45 collaboration relationships across more than 80 distinct existing and new vaccines under development with pharma partners, governments, universities, and NGO’s, around the world, including in China.

As part of the original vision for the company, namely to contribute to world health through the elimination of needle-based risks and inefficiencies, the company is the first and only World Health Organization prequalified needle-free technology, among numerous other regulatory approvals (FDA, CE, and many others). PharmaJet’s developments during the past decade include notable regulatory achievements (FDA, CE, WHO and multiple other countries), documented clinical trials and field assessments (60 studies in 26 countries, including clinical claims of vaccine superior immune response in a reduced dose intradermal format), and customer experiences (multiple countries), which make it the only commercial state needle-free jet injection technology with the ability to deliver to the intramuscular, subcutaneous, and intradermal tissues.

The InnoSTARS experience has been particularly valuable for PharmaJet, helping to expand its network of potential collaboration and investment and trading partners, in China. While PharmaJet had already been collaborating with a division of the Chinese Medical Academy of Sciences for the development of a vaccine prior to the series of InnoSTARS events, we would not have had such a robust view of the market potential for our technology, and multiple partners for various aspects of collaboration. The curation of bringing parties together for a common theme, around well-organized meetings, made the visits very efficient. In addition, the visits to China and extended opportunity to meet other local partners where development and incubation could potentially come together was particularly helpful and insightful into the vast resources China has to offer. Each and every interaction with the individuals at all events, and meetings within China, were extremely professional and productive. To coordinate such meetings as a company would be cost prohibitive and impossible, for the small InnoSTARS participating countries.