Sorteria Batteries – A unique architecture to enable Li battery safety​

Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG) is a growth company that is promoting broad adoption of a technology that will eliminate lithium ion battery fires, reduce weight of lithium ion batteries andreduce cost. Soteria BIG has formed a consortium of companies and licensees to support this mission, whose initial members include NASA, Mercedes, DuPont, DNV-GL, Teijin, Teledyne and others, who will work together to set aggressive safety standards and use branding to drive adoption of the technology. 

Soteria has won multiple awards, including being named the #1 Most Fundable Company by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018 and the #1 Advanced Material company by InnoSTARS in the same year.

Dr. Brian Morin is co-Founder and CEO of the Soteria Battery Innovation Group. When asked what some major takeaways from participating in the 2018 InnoSTARS were, Mr. Morin stated that InnoSTARS provides credit and validation, showing that Soteria is serious about expanding in the China market. Another point worthy of mention is that InnoSTARS organized complementary IP/trademark related online training to InnoSTARS participating companies. Mr. Morin emphasized that Soteria continues to benefit from the training and maintains a close relationship with the lawyer who provided the training. 

When asked about plans moving forward, Mr. Morin disclosed that Soteria hosted a workshop in Shanghai on August 27, 2019 to promote Soteria and showcase the company’s uniquely portable and safe lithium battery separators. Mr. Morin expounded that Soteria has a two-part business model for expansion when tackling the Chinese market, seeking first to license technology to qualified Chinese companies, with the eventual second goal to move the company’s whole supply chain to China. Soteria ultimately remains optimistic that moving the technical support office to a city with a low operating cost and close geographical location to Shanghai will be a smart move in furthering their long-term goal of legally sharing their technology with local partners and promoting their mission, to create and share safe and low-cost batteries with the world.