The City of Suzhou


The Paradise on Earth

City Summary

Located at the central part of the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou borders Shanghai on the east, Zhejiang Province on the south, the Taihu Lake on the west and the Yangtze River on the north. It has a riverbank stretching 140 kilometers along the Yangtze River. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passes through from north to south, and the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, the Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway traverse from east to west.

Being the famous watertown in the Southern reaches of the Yangtzse River Delta, Suzhou covBeing the famous watertown in the Southern reaches of the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou covers a land area of 8657 square kilometers, with 43% of its land covered by rivers, lakes and intertidal zones. At the end of 2017, Suzhou boasts a household registered population of 6.91 million and a permanent resident population of 10.684 million. Under its jurisdiction are Zhangjiagang City, Changshu City, Taicang City, Kunshan City, Wujiang District, Wuzhong District, Xiangcheng District, Gusu District, Suzhou Industrial Park, and Suzhou New & Hi-tech District (Huqiu District).

Efforts and Performance on S&T and Innovation of Suzhou City

In recent years, Suzhou has made great effort to implement innovation-driven developing strategy and improve the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2017, the R&D investment of the whole society has accounted for 2.85% of GDP, and the contribution of technological advancement represents 63.5%. The number of invention patents per 10,000 heads in Suzhou has reached 45.5. The comprehensive power of technological advancement has ranked the first among the whole province for nine years in succession.

The consistent improvement of enterprises’ innovation capacity

Suzhou has been strongly promoting the integration of technology, capital, talents, and service to enterprises, with 90% of research institutions, scientists and engineers, R&D investment, scientific and technological achievements holding by the enterprises. There are 4,469 state-level high-tech enterprises and 13,684 provincial privately owned technology enterprises in the whole city, laying a solid foundation for industrial transformation and upgrading.

The accelerating aggregation of high-tech talents

Suzhou has organized Venture Week for International Elites for 9 years in succession to encourage and support various talents’ innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou. In the whole city there are 2.529 million talents of various types, including 250 talents of the National “1,000 Talents Plan”, of which 131 are entrepreneurial, ranking the first in large and medium-sized cities nationwide.

The accelerating establishment of technological and innovative carriers

Suzhou has been strengthening the capacity of high-tech Districts, facilitating four state-level and seven provincial high-tech zones the major accelerators of technological innovation. Production-education-research cooperation is deepened, as a wide variety of collaborations with 238 domestic and overseas key universities and research institutions, constructing 123 major innovative carriers.

The progressive optimization of the ecological environment for innovation

Suzhou has promoted the integration of science and technology with finance. So far there are more than 300 venture capital institutions of various types, and the funds under their management exceed 120 billion yuan. The “Green Channel for Science and Technology Loan” service has helped 3,689 small and medium-sized technology companies obtain bank loans of over 28.1 billion yuan.

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